Jason Mitchell







Jason Mitchell - Professional Mastering Engineer

Professional Mastering Engineer for 20 years



Recording Studio Engineer


Workstation Mastering from £30 per track - Workstation studio hourly rate £90 per hour
Professional Mastering from £120 per track - Main studio hourly rate £120 per hour

Album rate (based on a 10 track CD) £700



Jason Mitchell


Jason Mitchell's CV

Jason's music career started too far back for him to remember! Though the technical fascination with recording and making the final cassettes and CD's has featured heavily throughout his life. The breakthrough came from helping to develop and set up his High School's recording and hi tech music department, he discovered an aptitude for recording and music technology and started to badger his way into his local recording studio. From there he eventually gained a full time job working in the attached music shop while hopping back and forth into the studio for recording sessions.
Working as a recording technician, creating the cassette and CD duplication masters, helping a number of schools and project studios to set up their own recording suites and teaching music technology to bands, kept Jason interested in all areas of the music business but when he noticed that compiling the finished albums to master tape was something he enjoyed the most, it seemed like a logical step forward into Mastering and when an opportunity arose he stepped into LOUD Mastering without hesitation.
Learning directly from John Dent in his own, newly built studio, Jason is one of a number of acclaimed Mastering Engineers to enjoy the privilege and has worked on countless projects for LOUD. Keeping up to date with current recording and Mastering technology (and a musician in his own right) has kept him, and the studio, at the cutting edge whilst still retaining the classic analogue sound that is so sought after in this age. Helping John to establish LOUD as a high definition and high resolution studio has had proven results with critical acclaim, even inspiring detailed research projects that enabled Jason to create one of the first Blu-Ray pure audio discs to demonstrate to record companies!

Mastered Projects Include: