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Mastering - An Explanation

Hailed by many as the last creative process for your record, professional Mastering is the discerning musician's and producer's choice for ensuring that your music is perfect for release. Whether the delivered media type is CD, Download, Vinyl, Blu-Ray or Streaming with quality ranging from MP3 to full HD, if you get your project Mastered correctly then you will have confidence that it will translate across all formats and players alike.
With ever increasing demands for new specifications and formats (such as "Mastered For iTunes" and "Blu-Ray Pure Audio"), getting your project mastered correctly is the only way to present your music to the world. Using professional mastering tools and experience, LOUD has the advantage of two dedicated mastering and editing rooms that utilise a broad range of equipment from analogue EQ, compressors and tape machines to full digital limiting and state of the art software plug-ins. With everything from the cabling to the clean power supply meticulously tested and chosen, this high resolution studio will complete your music.


Professional Mastering - Our guide to helping you select the result you require.

LOUD offers three different levels of professional Mastering:

The highest Premium Plus service, is our ultra high fidelity solution that can range from a simple analogue transfer to a full blown "vinyl lacquer as CD master" option. This is the way mastering should be done! With no limits to technical creativity, all options are explored to get the best possible sounding record.

Sitting just below this service is our standard Premium Mastering. This has almost all of the benefits of the Premium Plus service but is time limited to ensure cost effectiveness. This service is booked in advance with all the frills of our analogue studio but with the clients budget in mind, definitely our most popular solution.

The lowest cost and most basic option is an all digital, unattended workstation solution. Proudly recognised as one of the best workstation systems around, without the shortfalls many 'computer mastering engineers' have to make.

Costings for a Mastering session vary, we differentiate between individual track Mastering (where each track to be Mastered is treated independently) and project Mastering (where a collection of tracks relate to each other and will be compiled into an EP or album, creating a consistency between levels and EQ). The prices are best explained when enquiring but below is a rough guide.

Premium Plus Mastering - An Explanation

Drawing on the experience of the Mastering engineer to explore the best method to Master your project. Using whatever time is necessary to listen to the many ways that Mastering can be applied to your music, including the option to use the vinyl cutting lathe and making creative choices that shape the sound of your next release. The Premium PLUS service is for the highest quality results attainable.

Please contact us for availability and pricing for this session.

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Premium Mastering - Explanation

This Premium service is performed in our main Mastering room using a wealth of state of the art analogue and digital equipment, custom EQ's and analogue tape machines. The equipment in our main Mastering studio has been meticulously chosen with a passionate attention to detail and even utilises custom OEM modifications from highly respected equipment manufacturers to ensure the cleanest, quietest, most transparent signal path. With a choice of engineers, encompassing years of experience and expertise, this is professional Mastering at its best, skilfully enhancing your music whilst striking a good balance between high quality results and price. These sessions are ideally suited to mastering albums and EP's for all sizes of record label.

Due to the unique nature of each Mastering session, it is impractical to put a price guide for you to follow, it's best to email or call us for a specific quote for your project (we can then take into account tracks, length, editing, master choices, etc.). However,
There are two special discounted rates are available for these sessions:
The first reduces the regular Premium Mastering price, for both engineers, as long as the session is booked 3 weeks in advance.
The second is a flat "album rate" of £700 that can be booked with Jason. Please enquire for more details.

*Sessions for the Track Mastering, Project Mastering and Album Rate options have strict terms and conditions. Click here for more info.
 There are also additional charges for "stems" mastering, these charges involve the set up and preparations of the stems. Click here for more info.

Workstation Mastering - Explanation

Workstation Mastering keeps the Mastering costs to a minimum. The entire session is composed within our dedicated computer using specialist software and plug-ins. Workstation Mastering is ideal for both "project based" and "track based" options, targeting those on a small budget, or should you need a fast, cost effective mastering solution but still want professional results. To keep the prices down this service is strictly unattended.

For single tracks, EP's and Album masters, use our no-fuss service, available here.

*There are also additional charges for "stems" mastering, these charges involve the set up and preparations of the stems. Click here for more info.

Vinyl Mastering - Explanation

Vinyl Mastering is a craft that has has seen "JONZ" name written all over it for countless releases over the last 30 years. From Bob Marley to Sting to U2 to Depeche Mode, whether it's a re-issue, a brand new album or single, join the record companies that have all released vinyl with unprecedented success! John has built a custom, high resolution vinyl lathe designed specifically for HD music files. It ensures that your music is kept at the highest quality, in full, glorious HD. Click here for more information.