Terms & Conditions







The Premium prices have certain conditions applied to them:

The Premium Plus rate is LOUD Mastering's normal studio rate. To secure the discounted Premium prices, the session must be booked and confirmed no less than 3 weeks in advance. Urgent and short notice sessions are subject to a higher studio rate.

Alternate versions, high resolution masters, physical deliveries, extra reference CDRs and all other 'extras' are not included in the initial cost and will be charged for accordingly.
"Stems" Mastering sessions are subject to a higher studio rate, repeated recalls to the session to adjust stem properties (for example inaccurate stems supplied) will incur the project revisit charge (£50.00) plus studio time.

Initial "stems preparation" charges are at the studio hourly rate with a minimum charge of 1/2 hour. Main room mastering at the engineers rate, Workstation stems at £80 per hour.

All prices are exclusive of VAT at 20% VAT will be charged on every session unless you provide us with a valid VAT number.

Mastering sessions (other than Premium PLUS sessions) have a strict time allowance associated with them. As a guide, 1 hour is allocated to the first track and 1/2 hour is allocated for each track thereafter. Additional time may be charged at either the Mastering or Parts rate for complex sessions exceeding the time allowance.

Data files are to be supplied in advance to allow us to load them and check compatibility with our systems, therefore we require the files 3 days before the session. Any file conversions/format changes/interleaving etc. that are not supplied before the 3 day deadline and need to be addressed on the day of the session may be chargeable at the engineers rate. File formats we accept are WAV's, AIFF's or SD2. Bit depth 16 or 24bit. Frequency rate 44.1k, 48k, 88, 96k, 192k.

Session must be paid for in full by the end the session. No CD's or Masters will be released without payment. A pro-forma invoice can be supplied in advance if required.

Credit cards have an additional 4% processing fee applied to them. Overseas Bank transfers have a flat £7 fee. Paypal incurs 5% fees for UK and abroad. Debit cards incur no extra cost.

Sessions at this price structure are limited, book early to qualify.

A separate PDF is available to download regarding our amendments policy. Whilst we strive to offer the best service and deliver the project as required, there is an allowance to correct Mastering where necessary. However, it must be highlighted that excessive amends, for example where new mixes are supplied, can fall outside of the existing session and a fair pricing strategy has been developed. Click here for details.

The £700 "album rate" with Jason is based on up to a 10 track album. Higher track counts may incur a higher charge at the engineers discretion. Sessions can be booked either attended or unattended but must be booked three weeks in advance.