Below¬†are the two of the methods that we accept files for delivery, the drop boxes are secure and easy to use, please pick whichever you prefer and click the logo below to send us your files. It’s useful if you drop us an email to let us know what to expect, we get a lot of traffic through these boxes and we like to know what’s on it’s way! You can also upload to your Dropbox account and send us an invitation or link.

We accept individual files or zipped folders containing 16 or 24bit, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 or 192khz. Aifs or Wavs. It can also be useful to include any reference material you may think we will find useful plus any mastering notes, codes, etc.

Please note, we do not accept files from other FTP sites such as Send Space or Mega Upload due to the excessive time it takes to filter through the adverts and find and download the files! We can arrange a private, secure FTP transfer site if you prefer, please contact us to arrange it.