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Vinyl Mastering - An Explanation



With a frequency resolution that rivals that of Blu-Ray, it's no wonder that vinyl isn't dead and even showing a resurgence to buck the trend! Record companies are turning back to this original format as a way to offer their customers something special than a mere download. Vinyl, when cut and pressed correctly has a sound that hasn't been equalled by the digital pretenders, how many times do you hear the phrase that "so-and-so's digital box nearly sounds like an analogue piece of gear..." Digital still has a way to go before it can truly emulate analogue and so more and more albums and singles are being pressed at the moment, not only just because of the sound quality but the presentation of the artists musical work, there's something to behold when holding a gate-fold LP in your hand...

Even Mastering CD's has benefited from vinyl. Many of our clients over the years have wanted to capture that vinyl sound for their new release. We record their music to a fresh lacquer and then record the cut back to our Mastering computer (still at high resolution via our transcription deck) with beautiful results!

John is one of the planets most experienced and distinguished cutting engineers, he's cut for virtually everyone who's released vinyl and still loves the medium. With a custom designed lathe, built specifically for a high resolution signal path, the quality is second to none.

Vinyl Mastering - Pricing

Vinyl Mastering is difficult to price due to the physical nature of the process. For an accurate quote for your project, please call or email us.