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Here at LOUD Mastering we realise the importance of supporting emerging talent and that not everyone can afford premium mastering services. This is why we have set up our new service One Click LOUD Mastering, to cater for self-funded artists and independent labels on a tighter budget. Our monitoring system is identical to our premium rate room, with speakers from ATC and D/A conversion from Manley. We will ensure your audio is sounding great and is fit for the commercial market.

You will still receive the same attention to detail and prestigious sound our studio has become famous for, the only difference being the equipment used to process your audio. With an in-house vinyl cutting engineer and links to pressing plants and streaming distributors, there are few with a better understanding of format preparation.

Our engineers will ensure your music is the best it can be, is ready for the commercial market and fit for your chosen format utilising a wide selection of plugins and some carefully selected hardware.

We may be called LOUD Mastering but we also understand the rising importance of dynamics, due to new streaming loudness normalisation standards. We always aim to produce superior quality audio and if you have specific requirements, be it loudness or other, please feel free to let us know, when you get in touch.


Your Engineer:
Bill Sellar

Bill has spent 12 years working in various fields in the music industry from recording, through mixing and eventually establishing himself as a mastering engineer. For the past 5 years alongside running his own studio, offering mixing services, Bill has been working with Simon Heyworth at Super Audio Mastering, gaining credits on projects from artists such as Imogen Heap, Afro Celt Sound System, Hang Massive and many more. Bill has achieved a first class degree in Audio and Music Production and was awarded the AMS Neve Award for Excellence in 2018. Whatever the project, we have the skills and expertise to make it something special.

If you would like more information or would like to talk about a project, feel free to drop Bill a message at


Equipment Used

  • Soundblade HD Mastering DAWs
  • Metric Halo interfaces x2
  • Manley Slam! Mastering Addition
  • Waves L2 Hardware Limiter
  • Manley Steelhead Amp
  • ATC SCM-100a Monitors
  • Struder A80 master recorder
  • Linn Sonder Transcription Deck
  • Manley D2A
  • Synchrogenius Clocking



We operate on a prepayment basis, please ensure your payment correlates to the number of tracks you have submitted, otherwise it may take longer for us to process your audio.

Your mastered audio will be delivered digitally to the email address you provide, if you require reference CDs or a DDPi for replication please let us know when ordering as these will incur an extra charge. If you have any questions, queries or special requirements, please feel free to get in touch.

Prices: £38.40 per track, delivered digitally. (Pricing includes 20% VAT.)

Please use the below section to place your order.



To place an order please select the quantity of tracks below to automatically calculate the price. Then use the button to open WeTransfer and upload your audio files; also remembering to add your name and contact details in the comment field. Once sent please click on the PayPal button to pay and complete your order. We will then be in touch soon afterwards to confirm everything. Many thanks, LOUD Mastering.

Pricing includes 20% VAT.

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  • WAV or AIFs should be uploaded via our Wetransfer uplink. 16bit or higher resolution (24 or 32bit preferred) at your sessions native sample rate (minimum 44.1kHz). Please ensure there is some headroom and that no clipping is occurring. Over compression and limiting can impede our ability to improve your music, so please ensure, when using master bus effects that you are not over compressing or limiting and that your audio retains its natural dynamics. Feel free to provide any audio examples of music you would like your sound to relate to (these can be MP3s or just titles that can be located on iTunes). Zipping up packages with all your content enclosed (notes, refs, WAVs, fade/compile guides, etc) is recommended for your, and our convenience.

  • Should you not be happy with the mastering, please contact us to discuss. With an unattended service you are relying upon our expertise to give you a finished master that conforms to standards and our best guess as to what you like. Mastering is a creative process and sometimes the result may not be to your expectation. We will usually happily recall and provide another master however it is worth noting that sometimes the expectation and the music provided may not be feasible. All recalls are done at our discretion, the mastering service charges are still applicable but there is no charge for a recall.

  • Sometimes mastering can show some unexpected results from the supplied mix. Usually, if the mix doesn’t meet pre-mastering requirements or the engineer flags some problems upon first listen, we will contact you and discuss any serious mix issues before starting the process. In this instance there is no charge as the mastering engineer is asking for the changes. If you wish to supply a new mix because you discovered a part is wrong or want to change the vocal (for example) then technically it’s classed as a new session and is billable. These instances are discretionary to the engineer.

  • If time allows then yes, we’re happy to master and upload an MP3 demo for you. The engineer will master the track and supply a section of it for you to hear. Please note that demos can take longer to return than booked mastering sessions as we have to fit them around our existing work. Please contact us and arrange before submitting any audio.

  • A DDPi (Disc Description Protocol image) is a file specifically for CD replication (full CD production). If you’re not pressing CDs then you don’t require a DDPi.

  • The loudness debate stems from a poor understanding of music and dynamics. It was something that happened as a fad two decades ago and is finally starting to lose popularity. The cliché of loud masters for the sake of it will never fully disappear, so we endeavour to give you a master that is competitive with today’s popular music, appropriate to genre and fitting for your content (unless otherwise specified). We actively advise clients to retain dynamics in their music, but if you feel that you need it to be louder, just let us know when ordering. Some clients prefer to have multiple masters at different levels to appease streaming platforms and remain competitive in the CD market. If you’re not sure what you need, drop us a line, we’re always happy to help!

If your question is still unanswered, feel free to get in touch!



If you have any questions about our services or would like a no-strings quote, please fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.