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£750.00 in Studio 1
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Recent mastering @ LOUD:
PJ Harvey – “I Inside the Old Year Dying
Joss Stone – “20 Years of Soul Live in Concert”

LOUD Mastering was founded in 1995 by John Dent, after leaving The Exchange, Island’s Sound Clinic and Trident. His vision was simple: create a new, world-class mastering studio capable of producing exceptional results at the pinnacle of sonic quality.

Shortly after, Jason Mitchell joined the studio and over time, LOUD Mastering evolved into two dedicated mastering rooms with a unique reputation and a diverse sonic palette. Featuring  a wide range of analogue EQs, compressors, limiters and tape machines, LOUD’s equipment list can be cherry picked to cater for all types of mastering situations.

Both of the studios have been built to achieve the highest fidelity listening environments possible. Spacious and with accurate monitoring, everything from the cabling to the clean power supply has been meticulously chosen and tested to create a system accurate enough to make the last critical changes when mastering your audio.

LOUD Mastering remains committed to John’s original vision and under the expertise of its engineers will deliver your music to its absolute potential whether it be for Download, Vinyl or CD.

“Behind every great record is a great mastering engineer” – John Dent

LOUD Mastering - professional mastering for vinyl, CD, digital downloads and streaming services.


Mastering is the final creative choice in the record making process and Studio 1 offers a no-compromise premium solution for getting a record ready for release. With no limits to technical creativity, all options are explored to find a route through the hardware to get the best possible sound. Studio 1’s clean audio path and custom engineered equipment is suited for all types of mastering: Vinyl, CD, Download, Broadcast, Streaming… With countless chart releases, albums,  re-issues, and records spanning decades of experience, getting your record mastered the right way can be paramount to your success! We’re always happy to chat, so why not contact us to tell us about your project?

LOUD Mastering - professional mastering for vinyl, CD, digital downloads and streaming services.


With over 20 years working and training with John Dent (who cut LPs including Bob Marley’s “Exodus” and Massive Attack’s “Blue Lines”) LOUD’s Jason Mitchell now runs John’s customised VMS70 and has the expertise and passion to cut vinyl with the exceptional quality expected of this classic machine and heritage! From classic re-issued albums to new 7″ singles, why not take us for a spin?

LOUD Mastering - professional mastering for vinyl, CD, digital downloads and streaming services.


At LOUD we realise the importance of supporting emerging talent and can cater for self funded artists and independent labels on a lower budget through the option of an unattended session in Studio 2. The studio houses a more limited selection of equipment than the main room, allowing us to keep costs down but still maintaining the exceptionally high standards associated with the studio and our engineers.



If you have any questions about our studio or would like a no-strings quote, please fill out the form and we will get back to you.

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    Apple Digital Masters

    Apple Digital Masters approved studio

    Previously known as “Mastered For iTunes”, LOUD Mastering is proud to be recognised as an Apple Digital Masters qualified mastering studio.