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At LOUD we realise the importance of supporting emerging talent, and can cater for self-funded artists and independent labels on a lower budget through the option of an unattended session in Studio 2.

The studio houses a more limited selection of equipment than the main room, allowing us to keep costs down, but features the same ATC monitoring and Manley amplification as Studio 1.

LOUD Mastering - professional mastering for vinyl, CD, digital downloads and streaming services.

The Process

Please book your mastering session via the ‘Bookings’ form below and be sure to let us know your requirements as clearly as possible.

As soon as we receive your request we will book the session. You can then send us your file(s) using the ‘Upload music files’ link that you’ll find below the ‘Bookings’ heading on this and every page of LOUD Mastering’s website.

Your engineer will oversee the quality of your sound to ensure that it’s at a commercially acceptable level and will tidy the fronts and ends. Then the project will be compiled ready for release. If required we can insert ISRC, text and UPC and run your DDP master.

Upon receipt of payment we will download and distribute your master, as standard 16bit 44.1k WAV files; a format accepted by all digital stores (other formats available).

All of our mastering is done in high definition and you still have the opportunity to cut vinyl from these files.

We operate on prepayment and this can be arranged via a bank transfer, details of which will appear on LOUD Mastering’s invoice to you. Alternatively a PayPal payment to anna@loudmastering.com is acceptable.

All files will be sent to you via wetransfer.com

LOUD Mastering - professional mastering for vinyl, CD, digital downloads and streaming services.

Mastering Digital

Mastering for iTunes, CD, Streaming and Cassette

Whether your music is to be listened to through Apple’s AAC format, CD or any other medium, our engineers have the skills and experience to have it sounding the best it possibly can. One size does not fit all, so different techniques will be employed to optimise the sound for each format.



If you have any questions about our studio or would like a no-strings quote, please fill out the form and we will get back to you.

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