Vinyl Mastering & Disc Cutting


Making Music Timeless

Vinyl Mastering and Disc Cutting is a craft that has seen “JONZ” name written all over it for countless releases over the last 30 years. From Bob Marley to Sting to U2 to Depeche Mode, whether it’s a re-issue, a brand new album or single, join the record companies that have all released vinyl with unprecedented success! John Dent built a custom, high-resolution vinyl lathe designed specifically for high definition music files, it ensures that your music is kept at the highest quality, in full, glorious HD.

Happy to take up the mantle, Jason now runs the cutting lathe in Studio 1 and is now pleased to see his “JASDAFACE” moniker cut into the run-out groove in honour of John. There have been recent cuts for King Crimson, XTC, PJ Harvey, Nightmares On Wax and Spectre. Keeping with John’s policy, attention is given to high quality sound and cuts are tailored to reflect this!


The Lathe

The disc cutting lathe is a custom modified Neumann VMS70.

It features an all analogue signal path with no digital delay and powered by a Neumann SAL74 cutting rack.

Beautifully crafted and over-engineered, the VMS70 is the brain child of Georg Neumann and this variation was born in the 1970s (from the 1960s VMS60 – see the connection?). A wide frequency and dynamic response, variable groove computing and accurate reproduction made this arguably one of the best and most sought after lathes ever produced.


Vinyl Pricing

Prices for each vinyl cut can vary, please ask for a bespoke quote for your project. Below is a rough guide.

10/12″ single (1 track per side) = £240.00

10/12″ single (2 tracks per side) = £290.00

10/12″ single (3 tracks per side) = £340.00

LP = £470.00 + test disc = £530.00 (if album mastering is done at LOUD)



If you have any questions about our studio or would like a no-strings quote, please fill out the form and we will get back to you.

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