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LOUD Mastering - professional mastering for vinyl, CD, digital downloads and streaming services.

Jason Mitchell

Jason’s music career started too far back for him to remember, although the technical fascination with recording, mixing, editing and making final cassettes and CD masters has featured heavily throughout his life. The breakthrough came from helping to develop and set up his High School’s recording and hi-tech music department, he discovered an aptitude for recording and music technology and started to hassle his way into his local recording studio. From there he eventually gained a full-time job working in the attached music shop while hopping back and forth into the studio for recording sessions. Gaining experience from other studios (recording, producing and mastering) and working for record labels (as a producer and an artist), Jason knew where his passion fell. Then an opportunity presented itself at a new studio in Taunton…

Learning directly from John Dent in his own, newly built studio, Jason is one of a number of acclaimed Mastering Engineers to enjoy that privilege and has worked on countless projects for LOUD. Keeping up to date with current recording and Mastering technology (and a musician in his own right) has kept him, and the studio, at the cutting edge whilst still retaining the classic analogue sound that is so sought after in this age. Helping John to establish LOUD as a high definition and high resolution studio has had proven results with critical acclaim, even inspiring detailed research projects that enabled Jason to create one of the first Blu-Ray pure audio discs to demonstrate to record companies!

Sadly, John passed away in December 2017 but wanted Jason to continue his legacy. Keeping the studio “sound” and musical vibe made famous by LOUD Mastering, Jason looks forward with a fresh, modern approach in a timeless analogue studio.

LOUD Mastering - professional mastering for vinyl, CD, digital downloads and streaming services.

Anna Dent

Anna met John Dent in 2006 and subsequently joined the team at LOUD Mastering in 2010. Anna and John married in 2012. She offered great support in the studio on the administration side, particularly bookkeeping, which gave John and Jason more freedom to concentrate on their mastering skills.

It was John’s wish that his wife would take over as director and, since his sad passing in December 2017, Anna demands the same unique quality of sound from her engineers that was her late husband’s benchmark.

Away from the studio Anna can be found indulging in her hobbies of gardening and beekeeping. She is also a practising natural therapist.

LOUD Mastering - professional mastering for vinyl, CD, digital downloads and streaming services.

James Clancy

James joined LOUD Mastering early in 2018 where he is now responsible for bookkeeping, marketing and general management on the administration side.

A publisher, photographer and graphic designer by trade James has also kept accounts for three book publishing companies since he began his working life in 1983. He compiled, with Simone Stanbrook-Byrne, a successful string of walking guidebooks to Somerset, Devon, Dorset and Cornwall, many of which are still available.

He has enjoyed a lifetime interest in music and regularly books bands for local events and festivals in Mid Devon.

LOUD Mastering - professional mastering for vinyl, CD, digital downloads and streaming services.
Founder / RIP

John Dent

MPG Mastering Engineer of the Year 2014 – John Dent!
John picked up this prestigious award for work on various albums that year (Goldfrapp and Coldspecks to name a couple) and to recognise the decades of mastering that he’d provided to the music business.

John’s passion and skill for mastering are widely respected throughout the world and Jason Mitchell was privileged to have shared his knowledge and craft for over 20 years.

John’s CV speaks for itself with clients far and wide spotting his moniker carved into the runout groove of both classic records and modern cuts. Seeking out either engineer’s skillset and having ‘Mastered at LOUD’ on your album or single sets a standard that is recognised with respect and confidence.

Sadly, John left us after a long battle with cancer on December 29th 2017. His legacy lives on with Jason retaining the studio “sound” but John will always remain proudly at the heart of LOUD Mastering.

LOUD Mastering was a name that came about to reflect the extreme shirts that John Dent and Jason Mitchell would wear during their younger days at the studio!



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